n. & v.
—n. an instrument with a sharp blade used in cutting hair esp. from the skin.
1 use a razor on.
2 shave; cut down close.
Phrases and idioms:
razor-back an animal with a sharp ridged back, esp. a rorqual. razor-bill an auk, Alca torda, with a sharp-edged bill. razor-blade a blade used in a razor, esp. a flat piece of metal with a sharp edge or edges used in a safety razor. razor-cut a haircut made with a razor. razor- (or razor's) edge
1 a keen edge.
2 a sharp mountain-ridge.
3 a critical situation (found themselves on a razor-edge).
4 a sharp line of division. razor-fish (or -shell) any of various bivalve molluscs of the family Solenidae, with a shell like the handle of a cutthroat razor.
Etymology: ME f. OF rasor (as RAZE)

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